Il piacere del vino © Jose Alfonso Sierra / Unsplash


The vineyards Paladin and Bosco del Merlo are located in Annone Veneto, about 40 km away from Jesolo.

Wineries Paladin
& Bosco del Merlo

The union of the Paladin and Bosco del Merlo wineries, on the border between the two regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, has given two regional cultures the opportunity to merge and create an itinerary for anyone wishing to visit and taste the grapes grown in the vineyards of their lands, from which wines are then produced that are in demand and shipped to all parts of the world.

A visit inside their cellars will allow anyone to learn the secrets of wine production, and finally, a tasting of the company's crus followed by an expert sommelier, who will recount some curiosities about each wine on offer. An unmissable occasion for wine lovers and for those who wish to learn about its production process.


Victoria Frontemare
Famiglia Condotta
Via Padova 79
30016 Jesolo, Venezia

T. +39 0421 371100