Canale in Treviso © Leonhard Niederwimmer / Pixabay


The city of Treviso (40 km) is considered one of the most beautiful in the Veneto region, its elegance stands out among all its unique features, the noble Piazza dei Signori being proof of this.

The "little

Its name of "little Venice" derives from the canals, or otherwise called "cagnon" in the local dialect, which cross the city and, if it were not for the absence of gondolas, would perfectly recall the Venetian landscape. The historic centre is the pearl of the city, a pedestrian area lined with shops and narrow streets with elegant places to sit and enjoy the splendid Treviso. A tour through the streets of the centre will also allow you to visit places of historical interest such as the Palazzo dei Trecento, the Duomo and the Loggia dei Cavalieri.


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