Triathlon disciplina nuoto © Louis Tricot / Unsplash


Experience the thrill of one of the most extreme triathlon competitions, where athletes from all over the world compete for the Ironman 70.3 title.

Venice - Jesolo

On 07 May 2023, one of the most exciting triathlon competitions in the world will be held in the wonderful setting of Jesolo beach and the fascinating city of Venice: the IronMan 70.3.

Athletes from all over the world will compete in a race that involves a course between the sea and the lagoon to be covered by swimming, biking and running, all to cover a distance of 70.3 miles, approx. 90 km.


The Ironman 70.3 starts at the Jesolo lighthouse, about 250 metres from the Hotel Victoria Frontemare, with a 1,900 metre swim. This is followed by a 90-kilometre bike course, exploring the wonderful area of the Venice lagoon. The race ends with a half marathon, which is completed in two laps. The athletes run the last few steps to the finish on the famous red carpet on Jesolo beach.

Official competition video (YouTube)


Victoria Frontemare
Famiglia Condotta
Via Padova 79
30016 Jesolo, Venezia

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